The valum-0.3/Valum.decode middleware is used to unapply various content codings.

app.use (decode ()); ("/", (req, res) => {
    var posted_data = req.flatten_utf8 ();

It is typically put at the top of an application.

Encoding Action
deflate gio-2.0/GLib.ZlibDecompressor
gzip and x-gzip gio-2.0/GLib.ZlibDecompressor
identity nothing

If an encoding is not supported, a 501 Not Implemented is raised and remaining encodings are reapplied on the request.

To prevent this behavior, the valum-0.3/Valum.DecodeFlags.FORWARD_REMAINING_ENCODINGS flag can be passed to forward unsupported content codings.

app.use (decode (DecodeFlags.FORWARD_REMAINING_ENCODINGS));

app.use (() => {
    if (req.headers.get_one ("Content-Encoding") == "br") {
        req.headers.remove ("Content-Encoding");
        req.convert (new BrotliDecompressor ());
    return next ();
}); ("/", (req, res) => {
    var posted_data = req.flatten_utf8 ();