New in version 0.3.

Previously know under the name of default handling, the basic middleware provide a conforming handling of raised status codes as described in the Redirection and Error document.

It aims at providing sane defaults for a top-level middleware.

app.use (basic ());

app.get ("/", () => {
    throw new Success.CREATED ("/resource/id");

If an error is caught, it will perform the following tasks:

  1. assign an appropriate status code (500 for other errors)
  2. setup required headers (eg. Location for a redirection)
  3. produce a payload based on the message if required and not already used for a header

The payload will have the text/plain content type encoded with UTF-8.

For privacy and security reason, non-status errors (eg. IOError) will not be used for the payload. To enable that for specific errors, it’s possible to convert them into into a raised status, preferably a 500 Internal Server Error.

app.use (() => {
    try {
        return next ();
    } catch (IOError err) {
        throw new ServerError.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR (err.message);